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3 No’s in communicating with your Millennial team

I recently had discussion about the difference between gen X and Y as an employee. As part of people who’s born in between 1981-1997, I proudly call myself as Gen Y or Millennial.

Without stereotyping too much - and this is based on my own experience, here are three No’s in communicating with Gen Y:

  • “Dont complain, dont rock the boat!”

If you are looking to get any feedback (an honest one, of course!), you can count on millennials! Most of millennials are not shy bunch and we have a lot opinions. Now, this may be a big turn off for employers or managers that are used to timid - and Yes Sir type of employees. You may not always get the answers you want from a millennial.

  • “You dont like your job? Suck it up!”

When I mentioned that I get frustrated from working with people with lack of passion or love for the job, my Gen X friend will always reply, “Most people in the world don't really like their job!” Now, this is when millennials might be seen as too idealistic.

As a millennial, we strive to bring a difference in the world and that what we do actually mean something. So working with passion for us is like waking up without purpose. (And no, this is not some kind of bull cr*p that people sounds)

In all honesty, for a millennial to thrive and stay long at your workplace, you need to be able to realize their passion and help them to channel and nurture that.

  • “Bla bla bla bla”

Planning to have or lead a meeting with millennial, well, cut short the bla-bla bla - and get to the point. We live in a world where we are constantly connected with so many devices, platforms, conversations. For many self respecting millennials, they value time. This means, they do not want to waste either their and your time.

So to ensure that your message gets across, make it short, direct and clear.

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