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Independence Day: 3 Marketing Tips

The month of August is coming up. If you are looking to launch a seasonal campaign, you should consider this month, since those of us who live in Singapore and Indonesia will be celebrating our Independence Days. But, as with all successful PR and marketing campaigns, preparation is the key.

Here are the three Ws that you can apply to win customers around this time:

  • Who touched my heart?

For many people, Independence Day evokes a certain sense of national pride.

So, for any campaign that you organise:

make sure it provides some kind of emotional engagement, based on people's affection for their home country. Ideally, your brand should be able to surprise consumers to deepen loyalty.

  • Who could say no to a customized product with red and white colors?

Customer experience is number one. So, if you have a hero product that you want to sell, why not customise it to reflect the national colours of Singapore and Indonesia and make it a limited edition?

You'll delight your customers, which will not only trigger curiosity but may also prompt a flurry of potential new customers.

  • Who’s your favorite hero?

By now, you've probably done at least one or two of those online psychology tests. Well, here’s another idea. Why not honour the occasion with a theme quiz on your website. For example, which national hero do you share the most characteristics with? Make sure it’s a fun, shareable and easy-to-use quiz that your audiences will love.

It’s great to tie your campaign to an Independence Day theme. But you need to make sure that your promotion is not-in-your-face. Make it simple and classy! If anything, your brand should use this opportunity to create a deeper bond between you and your customers.

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