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Brand: school holiday shouts out opportunity!

June is coming to town quite soon. You and I know that it’s one of the busiest time for family – and the most quiet time for business. Well, that shouldn’t stop you from making sure that your brand and product are still on top of your customers’ mind.

Here are three tips on how your brand can rock this school holiday:

  1. Engage your customers online

Create conversations online about school holiday e.g. where to take your family? or what's your kids' favourite recipe for school holiday? Or if you’re a B2B company, perhaps you can use this school holiday season to launch cool creative releases or email marketing.

For example: For an IT security firm – you can send a cheeky eDM like “Don’t worry, go for a nice relaxing vacation and let us handle your security!”

2. Keep them loyal

Set a date and targeted marketing campaigns to send your loyal customers rewards, discounts or offers for holiday special.

3. Show off your employees

There’s nothing more endearing than to see a company that cares about their employees. So make sure that you’re one of them! You can pick a theme and show off your employees’ own holiday experience. Plus, it's a good way to show that your company's a fantastic place to work!

Do you have other suggestion? Share us your thoughts!

...and of course, give us a shout if you have any question on how we can help you to engage with your customers on this school holiday!

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